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This sentence I wrote yesterday: I'll contact you tomorrow. 1977
Making sculptures with light on the canvas of reality. 1978
The question is how to formulate the complexity of our time without losing hope for the future. 2000
There is new territory to explore - a more abstract way of looking at reality. 2011
An abstract view on the outskirts of our visual reality, with the viewer as king. 2015

TEFAF Maastricht 2016
Street Perception IV, 2013

Night Lights - a new phenomenon.
In 2015 I introduced another kind of light in my work. Here, not sunlight or daylight or artificial light is making visible parts of our reality - sources I examined in depth – but on the contrary ‘night light’: the summer lightning, the electrical natural discharge, the unexpected light that confronts us all of a sudden with Nature itself. At the same time I-phone’s digital video pixelation puts the images to a stop between reality and abstraction, between its photo-technical background, yet painterly approach.

Night Light

Night Lights I, 2016

Night Light

Night Lights IV, 2016

Night Light

Night Lights V, 2016

Night Light

Night Lights VI, 2016

About earlier Videowatercolors:
The name conjures up the image of two mediums that are apart in effect and time, yet have the flow of the image in common. I executed these works on archival silk baryte, encausted in a by hand matted epoxy, which provides a deep clarity and saturation of colors. I took ample advantage of the enlightening visual possibilities offered by the digitally produced imagery. Flatness meets depth, grey proofs to be full of color. The unrecognizable gets recognizable, unsharp and razor-sharp coexist. Light and Perception, perhaps my main tools, are omnipresent.


Moving IV, 2002

In Moving IV of 2002, which at first sight has something sensual about it, possibly being a blown up image of lips, we actually see a red seat, videoed on a train. The light shifts with the movement of the train and time, the pliable skin of the seat invoking the presence of travelers.

Videowatercolors overicht

Moving II, 2002

Moving II of 2002 consists of three parts of which the bottom two are recognizably of undulating water. The top layer, however, appears strange, as though our view over the water is interrupted by rocks or an iceberg— until we tilt our head to the side and recognize that our sight is conditioned.

Videowatercolors overicht

Skyscape (Blue Horizon), 2003

Skyscape (Blue Horizon) of 2003 looks like a landscape but in reality consists of two Videograbs from a long shot taken with the lens of the video camera held still against an airplane window. Dark clouds announce themselves in the top image and form, a little while later, a thick blanket of clouds below. In reality we are looking at different manifestations of H2O, including the ice crystals that have formed on the window, which engage in a kind of digital dance with the pixels of the flowing image.

Statements, in Dutch

Begin 70-er jaren koos ik voor een conceptueel uitgangspunt: het visueel integreren van licht, tijd en ruimte binnen de uitdagende beperking van de rechthoek. Negen avontuurlijke fases van meerdere jaren volgden elkaar op waarbij nieuwe technologieën mij hielpen om dichter bij de kern van het zien te komen. Essentieel instrument van waarneming en rode draad in het oeuvre werd daarbij mijn gebruik van de rechte lijn die – ook inhoudelijk – scheidt en tevens verbindt.


Diptych, 1977, 100 x 150 cm


Diptych 7801, 1978, 75 x 200 cm


New Collage (2), 1979/80, 101 x 136 cm


New Collage (4), 1980, 101 x 136 cm

In de Videowatercolors van de afgelopen 15 jaar maak ik gebruik van zelfgemaakte videofilms die vaak dicht bij het atelier worden opgenomen of in tegendeel juist ver weg een specifieke keuze uit natuur of cultuur als startpunt hebben. De combinatie van verschillende beelden uit deze filmpjes leidt tot een nieuw samengestelde werkelijkheid waarbij een geabstraheerd digitaal beeld van onze visuele wereld ontstaat, gebaseerd op pure waarneming.


Street Perception, 2013, 65 x 200 cm


Street Perception IV, 2013, 120 x 200 cm

In dit nieuwe werk (Night Lights, 2016) streef ik ernaar Licht, Tijd en Ruimte zo dicht mogelijk bij elkaar, geïntegreerd als het ware, ervaarbaar te maken. Ik doe dit door gebruik te maken van de “gestolde” beweging in digitale videobeelden (vooral de “video ruis”) alsmede door het registreren van een heel specifieke vorm van natuurlijk licht: het zomers nachtelijk weerlicht zoals dat gekleurd oplicht, vervolgens de omgeving fel verlicht en dan weer afzwakt, in absolute stilte, binnen een fractie van een seconde. Tijd, Licht en Ruimte worden een miniem ogenblik één fenomeen en een nieuwe picturale beleving.


Night Lights III, 2016, 140 x 160 cm


Night Lights VII, 2016, 140 x 160 cm

Other Artists

Throughout my career I've always followed the work of other artists with great interest.
Hereby a list of artists who's work I have advised for three, consecutive, collections which I helped to realize in the UK and Belgium, from 1979 until today.
The involvement in an intense learning process of looking, in-depth consideration and contemplation sharpened the eye and provided, next to more insight, a great joy.
Most of the artists were young and upcoming when I came to know their work. Over the years I had the pleasure to follow their steps and adventures.

Painting Conceptual Photography Sculpture Work on Paper
Jean-Michel Basquiat Vanessa Beecroft Allora & Calzadilla Matthew Antezzo
Stephanie Bernheim Matthew Barney Hans Op De Beeck Daniel Arsham
Koen van den Broek aurizio Cattelan Walead Beshti Dirk Bell
Werner Büttner Liz Dechenes Angela Bulloch Alighiero Boetti
Michael Byron A.K. Dolven Jean-Marc Bustamante Patrick van Caeckenbergh
Francesco Clemente Charlotte Dumas St. Clair Cemin René Daniels
Walther Dahn Rineke Dijkstra Jake & Dinos Chapman Martin Disler
Georg Dokoupil Alicia Framis Olafur Eliasson Tracey Emin
Marlene Dumas Giuseppe Gabellone Teresita Fernández Angus Fairhurst
Slawomir Elsner Daan van Golden Michel François Peter Halley
Matias Faldbakken Noritoshi Hirakawa Isa Genzken Keith Haring
Craig Fisher Job Koelewijn Liam Gillick Lothar Hempel
Futura 2000 Sarah Jones Felix Gonzales-Torres Noritoshi Hirakawa
Katharina Grosse Elad Lassry Jeppe Hein Damien Hirst
Wade Guyton Sharon Lockhart Roger Hiorns Fabrice Hyber
Thilo Heinzmann Hellen van Meene Anish Kapoor Raoul de Keyser
Damien Hirst Anna Mendieta Ann Veronica Janssens Peter Land
Olaf Holzapfel Mark Morrisroe Donald Judd Gabriel Orozco
Nathan Hylden Vik Muniz Allan Mc Collum Chris Ofilli
Jessica Jackson Hutchins Shirin Neshat Jonathan Meese Laura Owens
Jacob Kassay Catherine Opie Tatsuo Miyajima Jorge Pardo
Imi Knoebel Gabriel Orozco Navid Nuur Raymond Pettibon
Jutta Koether Lisa Oppenheim Julian Opie Andrei Roiter
Bill Komoski Richard Prince Virginia Overton Karin Sander
Guillermo Kuitca Robin Rode Manfred Pernice Anne-Marie Schneider
Resi van Lankveld Anri Sala Jack Pierson Kiki Smith
Margherita Manzelli Stephen Shore Giuseppe Pietroniro Luc Tuymans
Michel Majerus Collier Schorr Rirkrit Tiravanija Frank Van den Broeck
Fabian Marcaccio Thomas Struth Oscar Tuazon Jorinde Voigt
Paul Morrison Hiroshi Sugimoto Richard Tuttle Rachel Whiteread
Viktoria Morton Vibeke Tandberg Zhan Wang Yukinori Yanagi
Carl Ostendarp Wolfgang Tillmans Bill Woodrow
Joyce Pensato James Turrell Andrea Zittel
Alessandro Pessoli Gillian Wearing
Elisabeth Peyton Marijke van Warmerdam
Seth Price
Anselm Reyle
Pieter Schoolwerth
Pablo Siquier
Josh Smith
Nedko Solakov
Billy Sullivan
Niele Toroni
Rosemarie Trockel
Dondi White
Jacub Julian Ziolkowski

Solo Exhibitions

The Henry Art Gallery Seattle 2011
Gemeentemuseum The Hague 2000
Galerie Rolf Ricke Cologne 1999
Galerie 121 Antwerp 1989
Vereniging van het S.M.A.K Ghent 1987
Folkwang Museum Essen 1986
Groninger Museum Groningen 1985
Hedendaagse Kunst Utrecht 1983
Mercato del Sale Milan 1981
Peter Stuyvesant Foundation Amsterdam 1980
Galerie Joost Declerq Knokke 1978
Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven 1977
Galerie Durand - Dessert Paris 1977
Galerie Müller-Roth Stuttgart 1976
Galerie Swart Amsterdam 1975
Galerie Müller-Roth Stuttgart 1975
Folkwang Museum Essen 1974
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 1974
Galerie Charles Kirwin Brussels 1973
Galerie Swart Amsterdam 1972
La Polena Genova 1972
Galerie Nouvelles Images The Hague 1972
Technische Hogeschool Twente Enschede 1970
Hengelose Kunstzaal Hengelo 1970
Galerie Swart Amsterdam 1969
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 1969
Galerie Tardy Enschede 1969

Group Exhibitions

Bij nader inzien – Accenten uit de collectie Cleveringa, PARTS PROJECT 06 The Hague 2017
with: Rob van Koningsbruggen, Leo Vroegindeweij
Rueb Modern and Contemporary Art, Tefaf 2013 / 2014 / 2016 / 2017 Maastricht 2017
Rueb Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Miami 2014 / 2015 Miami, FL 2015
Schneider Museum of Art Ashland, OR 2012
Rueb Modern and Contemporary Art, Tefaf 2012 Maastricht 2012
Cornell Fine Arts Museum Winter Park, FL 2011
Center for Creative Photography, The Edge of Vision Tucson, AZ 2010
China Pingyao Festival Pingyao 2009
Aperture Foundation,The Edge of Vision:
Abstraction in Contemporary Photography
New York 2009
Kunstraum Innsbruck 2002
Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 2001
Gemeentemuseum: the Beauty of Intimacy The Hague 2001
Blue Horizon - The Loudon Collection London 1998
Up & Co New York 1997
W139: Lagoo 2 Amsterdam 1995
Artis: Tools & Tales Den Bosch 1994
Museum Beeckestijn, Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem 1993
Elga Wimmer Gallery New York 1992
Systema Galleries: Multiple Grounds Baarn 1992
with: Charline von Heyl, Bill Komoski, Fabian Marcaccio
Danforth Museum: Vision and Revision-Recent Art from the Netherlands Boston 1989
with: J.C.J. vander Heyden, Roos Theuws, Guido Geelen, Ton van Summeren, Bart Domburg, Hans van Houwelingen, Karien Vervoort.
Kunsthalle: Similia/Dissimilia Düsseldorf 1988
Columbia University, Leo Castelli Gallery, Sonnabend Gallery:
New York 1987
with: Richard Artschwager, Joseph Beuys, John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, Jasper Johns, Donald JuddYves Klein,
Piero Manzoni, Duane Michals, Robert Ryman, Günther Uecker, Joseph Amar, Alighiero e Boetti, Saint Clair Cemin,
Francesco Clemente, Peter Halley, George Herold, Roni Horn, Anish Kapoor, Imi Knoebel, Peter Nadin, Tim Rollins & K.O.S.,
Philip Taaffe, Nahum Tevet, Rosemarie Trockel, Not Vital
Galerie 't Venster: Towards the End of the Century Rotterdam 1984
with: Francesco Clemente, Rebecca Horn, Robin Winters, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miriam Cahn, Nicola deMaria,
Chris Kohlhöfer, Barbara Kruger, Gordon Matta-Clark, Georg Dokoupil, Jenny Holzer, Rammellzee,Bas Jan Ader,
Sigurdur Gudmundsson, General Idea, Blade, Volker Tannert, Lin Felton, Julian Opie, Joe Zucker
Provinciaal Museum: A Choice within a Choice Hasselt 1982
Wiener Secession: Erweiterte Fotografie Vienna 1981
Galleria Civica: Enciclopedia: il magico primario in europa Modena 1981
Aktuelle Kunst aus den Niederlanden Stuttgart 1980
with: Leo Vroegindeweij, Rob van Koningsbruggen, Kees Smits, Rudi van de Wint, Bob Bonies, Peter Struycken, Sigurdur Gudmundsson,
Paul van Dijk, herman de vries
The University of Michigan Museum of Art:
Works of the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel
Ann Arbor 1978
Museé d'Art et d'Industrie St. Etienne 1977
Kunsthistorisch Instituut, Kunstenaar en Fabriek Amsterdam 1970
with: Woody van Amen, Rik van Benthum, Sjoerd Buisman, William Graatsma, Franck Gribling, Robert Grosvenor,Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt,
Robert Morris, Jan van Munster, Jan Slothouber, Robert Smithson,Ray Staakman


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Fleming Museum of Art Burlington
Groninger Museum Groningen
Gemeentemuseum The Hague
Louisiana Museum Humlebaek
Lakenhal Leiden
Städtliches Museum Mönchengladbach
Museum of Modern Art New York
Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo
Centre Georges Pompidou Paris
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Henry Art Gallery Seattle
Centraal Museum Utrecht
National Gallery Washington
Museum Voorlinden Wassenaar
Cleveringa Collection
Mc. Crory Collection
Sammlung Etzold
George Loudon Collection
Piet and Ida Sanders Collection
Peter Stuyvesant Collection
Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

Books + Catalogues

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Carel Balth's The New Collages and the psychodynamics of vision

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From Magneple to Videowatercolors: The Heart Beat in Balth's Oeuvre

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